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Save A Family Plan has two newsletters, which are "Ektha" (means "Unity")  and "News & Views".  Ektha embodies the essence of our mission on building community and creating awareness and understanding between cultures. The word Ektha is in Sanskrit, the oldest language in the world, which originated in northwest India and is still considered the national sacred language of India. Through our newsletters, Ektha and News & Views, we hope to keep you informed, involved and to provide you with valuable information about the details of our work.


    Archive of Save A Family Plan's Newsletters


Ektha - Unity   Issue 1

 Ektha - Unity  Issue 7

Ektha - Unity   Issue 2

 Ektha - Unity  Issue 8

Ektha - Unity   Issue 3

 Ektha - Unity  Issue 9
   Ektha - Unity   Issue 4  Ektha - Unity  Issue 10
   Ektha - Unity   Issue 5  Ektha - Unity  Issue 11
   Ektha - Unity   Issue 6  Ektha - Unity  Issue 12
   Ektha - Unity   Issue13  Ektha -Unity   Issue 14

   News & Views

   News &  Views  Issue 1  News &  Views  Issue 4
   News &  Views  Issue 2

 News & Views Issue 5

   News &  Views  Issue 3


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Appeal 2009

Working towards environmental sustainability:  A case study  - Wayanad, Kerala here

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